Sustainability starts from within. The drive for aviation net zero.

AmSafe Bridport, presenting the world’s strongest solution to greener cargo transport.

There is growing pressure from both regulations and consumers for organisations to reduce their carbon footprint, including in their supply chain. Currently the aviation industry accounts for approximately 2-3% of global CO2 emissions, with that number set to rise to over 20% by 2050 if no action is taken. The figures show clearly that the aviation sector has a key role to play in the fight to make the planet cleaner and greener.

Building a successful and effective sustainability strategy starts with measurement and a close analysis of operations, however we believe no change is too small when you are reducing your carbon footprint. Like other industries, the airline sector needs to apply a portfolio of solutions to reach net zero.

So whilst the industry awaits the implementation and availability of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) new technological advances in all areas will help with the ambition to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. In particular the technical development of sustainable materials is picking up pace and so is the conscious choice of our customers to select sustainable cargo solutions in their path to net zero.

Pallet Net ZERO® represents the future of securing more sustainable cargo transportation. Harnessing the power of innovative Bio-Based Dyneema® fibre – a light material, sourced from renewable bio-based feedstock, that decreases fuel consumption reducing an aircrafts carbon footprint – we have revolutionised our world-leading pallet net to bring a product with unwavering quality and strength, that’s kinder to the planet. A product with ambitions to help reduce the aviation industry’s carbon footprint, now and again and again and again until we reach our goal of securing precious cargo at a net zero cost to the planet.

Key Features and Benefits

* Based upon PMC/PAG pallet at 118” height

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