Cargo restraint and protection systems for aviation and defence

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Protecting Troops & Vehicles

Products include Tarian - a complete, 'lightweight' RPG Armour System and Tarian QuickShield – an innovative bar armour repair kit.

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repair & overhaul
your safety
critical equipment

Where ever you are, we can reach you

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Finished Webbing Capabilities

a range fabrics
a range designs
a range of quantities

Employing an innovative, expert approach

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Emergency Oxygen PMA Cylinders

Low pricing
and immediate

Significant price savings compared to the OEMs.

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Escape Slides, Rafts & Safety Equipment

maintenance, repair
and overhaul

FAA / PMA approved repairs.

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Aftermarket MRO Capabilities

global FAA
approved facilities

We will maintain, repair and overhaul your safety critical equipment to the highest industry standard and quality.

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Fire Containment Cover and Bag

TSO-C203 approved
fire containment
cover systems

Protecting your cargo on pallets or within containers.

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Air Cargo Thermal Covers

protection for
sensitive cargo

Pioneering pharmaceutical protection.

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Video: Cold Chain Solutions – Part 4: Thermal Protection

The main threat for tempreature excursion in the supply chain is solar radiation. Tyvek material provides the optimum solar reflectivity across the full range of covers.

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Video: Cold Chain Solutions – Part 3: Weather Protection

Avoid costly damage from adverse weather conditions and change in temperature. The Tyvek covers are waterproof ensuring the rain won't spoil the load and that water runs off the cover. Tested in a 15min torrential downpo...

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Video: Cold Chain Solutions – Part 2: Ease of Use

Uncover the hidden costs and discover the benefits of the DuPont™ Tyvek® air cargo cover range. Find out how AmSafe can improve the build up and break down process at either end end of the delivery and reduce the floo...

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Video: Cold Chain Solutions – Part 1: Global Support

An introductory video discussing the Cold Chain industry, the challenges involved with transporting temperature sensitive cargo and the considerations required when choosing a suitable thermal protection solution for you...

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Mantle™ demonstrates capabilities with world’s first containment of over 6 hour 5000 Li-ion battery fire

Mantle™ was launched 1 year ago at WCS Dallas as the fire containment brand for AmSafe Bridport. The brand covers all products within our F...

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Leading airline sees value in lightweight approach

Here at AmSafe Bridport we know the search to improve profitability, handling and adopting a responsible environmental approach is a priority for airlines in today’s market. They are looking carefully ...

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AmSafe Bridport looking to wrap up the fire containment challenge facing airlines and carriers.

World leading Fire Containment Cover manufacturer AmSafe Bridport has recognised the increased challenges facing airlines, freight forwarders and battery manufacturers when transporting lithium ion batteries. The company...

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Costs Uncovered

Thermal covers have proved to be a very cost-effective means of ensuring that pharmaceutical products can be transported safely. However caution is advised. The financial and non-quantifiable costs ...

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