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Solution Providers

Offering unrivalled innovation, quality and engineering textile solutions, enhanced with outstanding service.

About us

We believe in a strategic collaborative approach with our customers, partners, and alliances, and combined with our proven technical knowledge and expertise, customers are rest assured of our engineering textile solutions.
About Us

Who We Are

We are problem solvers and solution providers, designing and manufacturing engineered textile solutions for the safety and securement needs of the global aerospace and defence markets. We specialise in engineering quality and innovative products that withstand high dynamic stress loads and provide safer, more efficient airframe restraints & barrier solutions, cargo handling & movement systems and RPG protection for armoured vehicles.With manufacturing operations and service facilities around the globe, we have the reach to provide solutions to our customers worldwide.

Our Culture

Our culture focuses not on what we do, but on how we do it. If we focus on the how, the future that we wish to attain will follow.

  • We have a culture of Total Performance in all that we do
  • Listening to and working with our customers to ensure their objectives are met
  • Continued investment in our capability development
  • Programme execution consistent with customer needs
  • Responsible behaviour and respect with all those we work with.

Our Vision

To be the market leader for cargo and vehicle protection systems worldwide, protecting lives and equipment, creating a business in which we all feel proud and valued.

And Our Mission

To grow our business by building strong relationships with our customers by de|ivering exceptional service To add value to our customers by developing and innovating world-class products and services To create a positive and challenging environment that encourages personal growth and teamwork

History & Evolution

AmSafe Bridport’s history and heritage can be traced to the 9th Century when Bridport was established as a fortified Burg by King Alfred. The climate and geology surrounding the town of Bridport proved ideal for the growth of hemp and flax and this created the foundation for an industry which thrives (albeit in a different guise) over a thousand years later. There is evidence in the Doomsday Book that the town prospered well into the 11th century. Even King John ordered “Bridport ropes and cables” presumably for the English raid on King Phillip of Spain’s fleet in 1211. The town was already renowned for its production of ropes, cables and hawsers by the 13th century.

The evidence that Bridport had gained a reputation for producing high quality hemp ropes and yarns is borne out in the granting of its first charter in 1253 by Henry III. The 14th century saw the emergence of hemp merchants who established the industry even further – in particular William Bume whose goods were valued at £9 which included sailcloth, rope, girth webs flax and hemp – the same textiles being used centuries later.

It has been the industry’s ability to adapt to change that, together with the presence of good transport links, has allowed it to survive to the present day.

When the Royal dockyard took over production in the 17th century Bridport soon filled the gap by making lines and nets for the nascent Newfoundland fishery. These soon became the dominant products and were exported all over the world. During this time sailcloth gradually expanded in importance and by the end of the 18th century Bridport and South Somerset were suiting all the revenue boats, packets and Smacks of Great Britain, as well as exporting canvas to the American navy; sails for the Royal Navy came later!

The industry served this market until the depression of the latter part of the 19th century when it turned to producing nets for the rapidly developing sports of tennis, cricket and football. The end of the 19th century saw the industry re-enter the production of nets for the military.

While this protected them during times of trouble it did allow competitors to take some of their traditional trade away, especially after the Second World War. This was countered by making cargo nets for the developing aviation industry. These, over the years, have become the dominant products, with the result that Bridport Gundry came out of its traditional markets all together. This left a
gap in the market which a number of firms stepped in to fill, leading to the formation of a dozen or so firms.

AmSafe Bridport was formed in 1979 from the industrial division of Bridport-Gundry Ltd., a company specialising in the manufacture of nets for various markets including marine, sports and horticulture as well as for aviation and defence.

Through a combination of exceptional internal growth, a few select strategic acquisitions and strides in our capabilities and product development, we have become a world leader in safer, more efficient airframe restraints & barrier solutions, cargo handling & movement solutions and RPG protection for armoured vehicles.

Our History

By 1999 the company is largely focused on products for commercial & defence aviation and is sold to the Marmon Group.

In 2000 the Erie facility is acquired in the USA, adding FAA repair station capability.

Further acquisitions adds repair capability for aviation inflatables when the Anaheim site is acquired – increasing the portfolio of existing products and PMAs.

In 2001 a manufacturing facility is constructed and opened in Sri Lanka, then considerably expanded to the current 120,000 plus sq. ft. becoming the principal manufacturing site for Amsafe Bridport.

In 2004 the ownership of the aviation and defence activities transfers to Amsafe Partners Inc. After 7 years of ownership, both companies move to a single ‘AmSafe’ identity.

In 2010, Amsafe Bridport introduces Tarian®, and RPG net armour system, into its product mix, marking a move into a new field of textile safety.

In 2012 Transdigm acquires AmSafe, a strategic reorganisation follows of the AmSafe portfolio into AmSafe Bridport, AmSafe Aviation & AmSafe Commercial as separate individual business entities.

With operation facilities across three continents and approximately 650 people employed worldwide, AmSafe Bridport will continue to bring innovative technology to our customers. We have become a world leader in the design, manufacture and support of highly engineered textile products for the civil aviation and defence markets.

Leadership Team

Our management staff is key to making and keeping AmSafe Bridport positioned as the world leader. Together we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and employees.


Jason Abbott
Jason joined AmSafe Bridport in 2012 from Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems (UK). Over the previous 15 years, he was responsible for rail braking and platform screen door systems, directing engineering and projects and all UK aftermarket and OE sales. Jason began his journey with Amsafe Bridport first as Engineering Director and then Global Operations Director for AmSafe Bridport before becoming President in 2017. He has a mechanical engineering degree from Brunel University, is a chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.



Joe Ashton
Sales & Marketing Director – Global
Joe joined AmSafe Bridport from Heath Tecna UK in 2008 where he had held the position of Head of Sales & Marketing EMEA for the previous 3 Years. Joe has 25 years of sales experience, working with OEM’s and the Aftermarket, primarily within the commercial aerospace sector. Whilst at AmSafe Bridport, Joe held a number of senior sales roles and prior to his current role was promoted to Business Unit Manager for Cargo where he led a multi-disciplined team through the entire product life cycle from strategy formulation to in-service support to ensure maximum profitable business growth.


Jon Powell
Operations Director
Jon joined Amsafe Bridport in 2017 from Airborne Systems Europe, where he had held the position of Operations Director for the previous 9 years. Since completing a Technical Apprenticeship followed by a degree in Management Science, Jon has worked in Operations in a variety of Manufacturing environments such as Engineering, Petrochemical, Automotive and Aerospace.



Andy Davies
Engineering Director, Global
Andy joined AmSafe Bridport in 1996 as a graduate engineer. He went on to lead the Airframes engineering team until 2003 when he was seconded to the Sri Lanka facility to set up the company’s first engineering team outside the UK. In Sri Lanka, Andy created and managed a large engineering department and developed many innovative new cargo products, including FCCs, Lightweight pallet nets and TSO C172 tie-down straps. He also set up and managed a second engineering team in Kunshan, China. Andy is globally recognised as an industry expert, representing AmSafe Bridport and the UK in the development of international standards on committees including SAE, ISO, IATA ULD Technical advisory group, and is on the Board of Directors for ULDCARE. With 18 years engineering and management experience across 3 continents, Andy was promoted to Engineering Director in April 2015.



Lee Stork
Divisional Controller, Global
Lee joined AmSafe Bridport in 2013 as Finance Manager – Planning and Analysis. A qualified accountant (ACMA) he began his career with Kerry Foods (manufacturing), as a Finance Graduate, where he spent 10 years and held various Finance positions including Assistant Controller and Project Accountant. Lee had a degree in Accounting and Finance and was promoted to Divisional Controller for Amsafe Bridport in February 2016.



Tim Bell
Business Manager – Airframes, Global
Tim joined AmSafe Bridport in March 2013 having held many senior global commercial positions within the aerospace industry. In April 2015 Tim was promoted to the role of Business Manager responsible for AmSafe Bridport Airframes products and services worldwide. In November 2016 Tim was appointed Head of Business Development for AmSafe Bridport to provide leadership, drive and focus for future company growth. In November 2017, having successfully initiated key new processes to support strategic development, Tim was drafted back to the role of Airframes Business Manager to lead the next phase of business unit growth.


Tharindu Senanayaka
Business Manager – Cargo, Global
Tharindu is responsible for Global Sales and Business Development of our range of Commercial Cargo restraint products.  Prior to this role he was responsible for Commercial Cargo business in Asia Pacific & the Middle East while managing a number of key accounts. Tharindu joined AmSafe Bridport in 2007 as an Sales Administration Executive and during his career has gained in-depth expertise in managing sales within Commercial Cargo, Airframe Aftermarket, Defence Aftermarket Spares, and Commercial Aftermarket Spares.