Cadet Programme – Ways to improve our sustainability drive

Today we had the pleasure of hosting six students taking part in an Industry Cadet Programme AmSafe Bridport are supporting.

The cadets took turns to present to the heads of our engineering and production teams their green initiatives. They were tasked with looking at ways to improve our sustainability drive. Key ideas included recycling initiatives – such as recycling polyester nets to be repurposed, new designs that use less materials and looking at how to optimise our use of webbing to achieve the same strength with less material usage, taking into account reducing cost and consideration of all environmental benefits to the business.

The students were all Colyton Grammar A level physics students, we were extremely impressed by their research and passion for the project. All spoke up clearly and confidently, we will look out for Jack, Alice, George, Charlie, Ronnie and Ben they have a bright future ahead. Hopefully as future employees of AmSafe Bridport!
#engineeringfuture | #sustainabilitymatters

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