World-first FAA & EASA safety approval awarded to AmSafe Bridport’s cargo tie-down strap

AMSAFE BRIDPORT CARGO PRODUCT GROUP, based in Bridport, Dorset, has become the first global firm to be granted US and European regulatory safety approval for its patented TSO C172 Cargo Tie-Down Strap.

Tie-Down Straps are used throughout the world to securely hold down air cargo or equipment during transport, ensuring there is no risk to the cargo, plane, air-crew or general public.

The Technical Standard Order (TSO) has been awarded by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), in addition to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide a globally recognised certified approval for Tie-Down Straps. This is the first time both agencies have issued a TSO for this type of product, thereby raising the standard of this safety critical equipment. Currently no other ULD equipment provider has received both European and US regulatory approval.

IATA’s Jan 2013 Regulations Report reveals TSO C172 certified straps will become mandatory for air cargo operators from the 01st January 2016 onwards.

Voted and agreed by the IATA Unit Load Device Regulation Panel (ULD), this requirement provides the industry with a phase-out period for the use of non-certified cargo straps, prior to the mandatory requirement, coming into effect. The reason for the creation of the TSO C172 regulation is to provide a global standard which increases safety by stating a recognised minimum design, performance and quality standard for all air cargo straps.

International Airlines and air cargo operators have been quick to contact AmSafe Bridport to understand more about these new requirements and to place orders for this new Tie-Down Strap that incorporates the latest TSO C172 standard.

Firms such as British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Air Canada, plus several other leading commercial aviation names have quickly adopted it for their global air cargo operations – thereby ensuring they will be in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements in addition to obtaining a 20% reduction in weight, based on existing designs.

AmSafe Bridport’s TSO C172 Cargo Tie-Down Strap has been designed, tested and then regulatory-certified after several years research and design. The new TSO requirement for the strap to be tested in simulated ‘gust’ loads, ensures it will remain safely secured during periods when the aircraft is subjected to turbulence, as previously strap types were tested using just one straight pull.

Customers are seeing the benefits of using AmSafe Bridport’s cargo restraint expertise. Urs Wiesendanger from Air Canada, said, ‘As a leading commercial aviation operator, the earliest compliance with industry safety regulations is paramount. Signing AmSafe Bridport to deliver these TSO C172 Tie Down Straps means we’re ahead of vital industry regulations and have the peace of mind of knowing we’re working with the global industry leader in safety restraint products.’

Joe Ashton, Senior Sales Manager of AmSafe Bridport’s Cargo Product Group, said of the regulatory approval: ‘ Air and ramp cargo safety, product life cycle reliability and regulatory-approval are our primary concerns producing this new TSO C172 Tie-Down Strap. Intensive research and design combined with cutting-edge engineering capabilities has seen us deliver this new safety strap that protects all types of air cargo and crucially ensures our customers adhere to future aviation legislation.’

About AmSafe Bridport

AmSafe Bridport is the world leader in safety restraint products for the aerospace, defence and specialty vehicle industries. Globally renowned, the firm’s safety products are used around the world in both commercial and general aviation, in military and civilian applications. Protecting passengers and cargo is the no.1 priority for AmSafe and their products move millions of people and countless tons of cargo safely and securely in the air and on the ground.

About AmSafe’s Global Capabilities

From aviation and defence, AmSafe Bridport state-of-the-art engineering capabilities can be recognised by the depth and breadth of their product offering.

Their research and engagement process begins with a thorough understanding of customers’ requirements, and their disciplined program management ensures priorities and activities are tightly controlled.

Global engineering capabilities include the latest in CAD techniques and 3-D solid modelling (Catia V5 and SolidWorks), test simulation, and material and prototype testing. They also utilise a special non-linear dynamic analysis package, PAMCRASH, specific to aviation textile products.

From raw textile to finished product, AmSafe has a team of engineers who conduct thorough testing, from analysis to documentation, to ensure the safety and integrity of all AmSafe products. Along with dynamic and prototype testing, they also measure tensile strength, endurance, flammability, corrosion, smoke, toxicity, susceptibility to fluids and substances, temperature, humidity and more.

From each of their global locations – United States, United Kingdom, China, Sri Lanka – AmSafe has the design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide customers with the resources necessary to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

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