Textile Restraints and Nets – Our History

Have you ever wondered why we make nets?

Why we are so passionate about textile restraints?

AmSafe Bridport might have changed its name in the last decades but what we do hasn’t. Even our whole town was engineered to support net and rope making. Hence you can say it is in our brick and mortar, our blood and it isn’t about to change!

Our buildings at AmSafe Bridport HQ pre-covid were even part of the town’s history walk. The old school house that is adjacent to the offices, has writing made in different tones of wood on the doors instead of ink.

We have staff which have been here over 30 years. The best bit – they started because their parents got them the job so to speak!

Hence it was incredible to have @BFIPlayer launch this beautiful video taken in 1962 of premises we still use today.

What is even better – some of our staff still cycle to and from work that same road.

We are immensely proud of what we do and as a team we put safety at the forefront of all our Engineering Developments. It is always great when you know you are part of history that continues to evolve and develop new products enhancing safety in the industry.


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