Lithium battery successfully tested in Fire Containment Cover

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Taking the next step to improve aviation safety, AmSafe Bridport has successfully conducted a full scale test withstanding a lithium-ion battery fire, within their certified Fire Containment Cover (FCC) System and their new Fire Containment Bag (FCB).

AmSafe Bridport provides the world’s first TSO-C203 approved FCC. It continues to push aviation safety boundaries by conducting a full-scale test using lithium batteries, with the subsequent fire being successfully suppressed for over 6 hours.

The Fire Containment range is designed for the protection of undeclared dangerous goods, with lithium batteries posing the biggest risk to air transport. Dangerous goods, including lithium batteries continue to be packed incorrectly, with a large number of accidents and near misses directly attributed to fire from these types of batteries. In fact Boeing themselves, recently advised passenger airline customers not to carry large numbers of lithium batteries in the bellyhold area.

The Fire Containment range includes the FCC, designed for full protection of a pallet load, and FCB for smaller shipments. Both products provide passive protection from the risk of fire on board giving the crew additional time to make an emergency landing. The FCB can be customised to required sizes and provides additional flexibility and options.

Both the FCC and FCB are available today to order from AmSafe Bridport.


Lithium Battery successfully tested in Fire Containment Cover

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