We specialise in

Engineered Textile Products

Providing highly engineered textile products to support your safety and securement needs.

What We Do

Cargo restraints and protection systems for aviation and defence.

We design and manufacture highly engineered textile products, specialising in airframe restraints & barrier solutions, cargo handling & movement systems and RPG protection for armoured vehicles. We work collaboratively with our customers to produce the best results and offer support services, including aftermarket spares, AOG and MRO.
Core Capabilities

Design Capabilities

We integrate customer requirements, military and commercial operational experience, safety and securement solutions and innovation into all our cargo, airframes and RPG protection products. We use the latest 3-D CAD solid modelling techniques, test simulation, and material and prototype testing. In addition to traditional FEA software, we also specialise in non-linear dynamic analysis, using PAMCRASH, specifically tailored to meet our designs for aviation textile products.

Tools and processes have been validated by a number of regulatory bodies and aircraft manufacturers allowing modelling and analyses of cargo nets for customers without the requirement for additional, expensive and time-consuming full-scale testing. We hold an EASA Part 21J Design Organisation Approval (DOA), which allows us to perform changes to existing products and gain Supplementary Type Certificates (STC) for new equipment within our scope of approval. Our Design Approved Organisation Scheme certification (DAOS) allows us to do similar activities for MoD contracts.

Project Management

As customer and industry demands become more complex, often requiring us to provide complete systems, we have developed our capabilities to enable efficient management of complex projects.

From initial capture of customer requirements to the delivery and support of a programme, we will manage each project to ensure that your requirement is delivered on schedule, within budget and in accordance with agreed performance requirements.

Testing & Qualification

We manage all stages of qualification and test, making us an accredited organisation for design, production and repair approvals from both the civil aviation authorities (EASA, FAA) and also government bodies (UK MOD MAA). From the raw textile to finished product, we have a team of engineers who conduct thorough testing from analysis to documentation, to ensure the safety and integrity of all AmSafe Bridport products. Along with dynamic and prototype testing, we also measure tensile strength, endurance, flammability, corrosion, smoke, toxicity, susceptibility to fluids, substances, temperature, humidity, live RPG shots, armour vehicle trials and more., ensuring that every product meets the appropriate qualification requirements set out by the regulatory authorities.

Our Approach

Collaborative Partnerships

Our experience indicates a collaborative development environment, which fully utilises both customer and our knowledge and expertise, produces the most efficient solutions. From initial consultation and development of a product to the delivery and through-life support, we will manage your project to ensure that it is delivered on schedule and in accordance with agreed performance requirements.

With our proven technical expertise and knowledge, we actively participate in a variety of relevant industry advisory committees and regulatory bodies. This ensures our products meet the requirements of customers and respective authorities, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Ministry of Defence (MoD), Department of Defense (DOD), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Military Aviation Authority (MAA) and Defence, Science & Technology Lab (DSTL), The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), International Air Transport Association (IATA), and International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) We are also on the Board of Directors for the Cool Chain Association (CCA). Consequently, we are able to provide real and practical industry insight when it matters.

Innovative Engineering

Our policy of continuous improvement allows for the ongoing development of new materials and processes, ensuring state-of-the-art products that are ‘fit for purpose’. Examples of our innovative approaches include:

  • Fire Curtains & Smoke Barriers: Offering rapid decompression panels, access doors, viewing parts and complete smoke & fire penetration protection for crew and occupants.
  • A fire containment cover: Incorporating a patented water drainage system safely draining water away before it collects in volume.
  • Lightweight pallet nets: Utilising the world’s strongest fibre Dyneema®, our nets are 50% lighter than traditional nets.
  • QuickDrop™: A helicopter under-slung cargo strop that allows cargo loads to be electrically released from within the aircraft cabin, improving crew safety and reducing fuel consumption.
  • Tarian RPG®Armour: Utilising super strong tensile fibres to make the world’s lightest solution for protecting armoured vehicles against rocket propelled grenades.

Problem Solving

Customers often approach us with unique challenges that require our innovative approach – a combination of independent thinking and proven technical expertise. Customers have belief in our abilities and conviction in our understanding of the aerospace and defence industries; and time and time again this confidence is repaid with timely, cost effective solutions.

Support Services

Aftermarket Spares and AOG services

To complement our design, manufacture and in-service support, we have strategic partners who can meet your spare parts and AOG requirements. Together we support the aftermarket needs of all of the major OEMs including Airbus, Boeing, Sukhoi, Embraer.

To find out more about our MRO services, and for information about our aftermarket spares, and AOG support, visit amsafebridportmro.com.

Post Design Support (PDS)

The military and commercial sectors recognise that the vast majority of equipment enters service with the prospect of many years of usage which means the design, as well as the equipment, will need to be maintained. At AmSafe Bridport, we have built an enviable reputation for the provision of Post Design Services (PDS) to both governmental and commercial sectors, ensuring that modifications and minor design alterations are properly appraised, approved and implemented. Our focus is the re-design, development and engineering necessary for preserving the equipment’s operational capability, reliability and maintainability as detailed in the various specifications.

With obsolescence replacement and through-life cost reduction a key element of the strategy, we will continue to provide ongoing support to customers enabling the maximisation of equipment life, coupled with advice on continuation and replacement.

Technical Publications

Our technical publications department writes operation, maintenance and training instructions for any type of system, equipment or product. The department provides a variety of technical writing capabilities, creating different types of documents from Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs) for aerospace products to Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs) for military equipment.The team of technical authors hold a range of engineering, authoring and illustration qualifications.

MRO Services

As the world’s leading provider of textile restraints and associated safety systems for the aviation industry, we are trusted with the inspection, maintenance and repairs of aircraft barrier and belly hold nets, cargo restraint systems and inflatable safety equipment. OEM supplier to the industry, our dedicated Part 145 approved repair centres, located in the United kingdom and North America, offer experienced technicians ready to support your repair needs to the highest quality standard.

Safety Restraint Equipment

Bridport – UK – US Facilities: We have programmes that support bellyhold and 9g main-deck barriers, smoke barriers, cargo liners, fire containment covers and sliding carpets. A full capability list is available on request.

For more information about our MRO and aftermarket services visit: > MRO Home Page