FAA and EASA TSO Approved


A TSO C172 tie down strap offering a 20% weight saving.

Tie Down Straps Contact AmSafe Bridport

Designed, tested and regulatory-certified, our patented cargo tie down straps incorporates an anti-slip buckle to stop the in-flight movement of cargo. We are the first company to obtain both EASA and FAA approval for this range of ratchet tie down straps, and the first time either agency has issued a TSO C172 for this type of product. From 1st January 2016, IATA ULD Regulations will require air cargo operators to fit TSO C172 certified tie-down straps.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Meets all TSO C172 Requirements and offers the following options:
  1. A traditional over centre buckle
  2. 20% lighter strap *(in comparison with our comparable strap) option, utilising a slimline over centre buckle
  • Designed to meet your specific requirements, utilising a selection of end and buckle fittings, lengths and colours and printing options
  • Sufficient textile UV degradation allowance affords each strap a 3 year service life
  • An identifiable TSO C172 label with expiry date, to support operational compliance.

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