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Pallet Net ZERO® represents the future of securing more sustainable cargo transportation. Harnessing the power of innovative Bio-Based Dyneema® fibre – a light material, sourced from renewable bio-based feedstock, that decreases fuel consumption reducing the carbon footprint – we have revolutionised our world-leading pallet net to bring a product with unwavering quality and strength, that’s kinder to the planet. A product with ambitions to help reduce the aviation industry’s carbon footprint, now and again and again and again until we reach our goal of securing precious cargo at a net zero cost to the planet.

Key Features and Benefits

  • TSO C90D APPROVED – Quality and reliability
  • FUEL SAVING – 59% lighter than traditional polyester pallet nets
  • CARBON REDUCTION – 79% reduction over traditional polyester pallet nets
  • SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURE – First net to use bio-based materials
  • RENEWABLE – Manufactured using renewable power sources
  • With a decrease in weight from 22kg to only 9 kg*, fuel costs are significantly reduced 
  • Lower fuel burn creates less CO2 emissions and reduces the impact on the environment
  • Increased 5 year certfied life vs 3 years with traditional polyester
  • Reduced repair rates contribute to a lower total cost of ownership
  • A lighter pallet net improves the health and safety of your ramp workers
  • Operational handling time is vastly improved
  • Greater tensile strength – Dyneema® fibre is up to 15 times stronger than steel (weight for weight)

* Based upon PMC/PAG pallet at 118” height

For more information on Dyneema®, visit their website

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Fuel Savings 59% Lighter than polyester

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