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webbing design and manufacture

From defence and aviation, leisure and furnishing.

Narrow Textile Webbing Contact AmSafe Bridport

With over 200+ years of experience in webbing design & manufacture, we can provide narrow textile webbing to your requirements. Specialists in traditional webbing manufacture but experienced in today’s techniques, as an AS9100 approved organisation we provide webbing to the highest industry standards.

We are experienced in supplying low volume (500m) and high volume, supporting many industry sectors:

  • Safety restraint
  • Aviation
  • Defence
  • Parachute
  • UK Mod
  • OEM
  • Repair
  • Leisure & Sport
  • Clothing/Furnishing (the aesthetically pleasing market)
  • Securement

Tape sizes vary from 6mm to webbing up to 320mm (12.6″) in width. Materials employed vary from natural fibres (cotton, wool, etc.) to polymeric fibres (polyester, polyamide, UHMWP, aramid, polyethylene, etc.) and metallic wire – with finishing to suit your needs; from dying, impregnation and flame retardant to colour fastness, rot-proof and anti-bacterial.

As an AS9100 approved organisation, we provide quality to the highest standards for topics such as:

  • Break strength testing
  • Colour fastness
  • Dimensional stability
  • Flame retardency
  • Weave structure analysis
  • Flexibility

We are here to support you, contact us for our full capability, to discuss your requirements, to get a quotation.

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