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Tough, durable and reduces your operational costs.

Lightweight Pallet Nets – with Dyneema® Contact AmSafe Bridport

Utilising the world’s strongest fibre, Lightweight pallet nets – with Dyneema®, we have pooled our expertise with DSM to develop the AmSafe Bridport lightweight pallet net, saving 50% weight from traditional nets. The world’s airlines choose our pallet nets for their cargo restraint solutions in the knowledge that the nets are built to last, and with the lightest net now offering 5 year certified life.

Key Features and Benefits

  • With a decrease in weight to only 9 kg*, fuel costs are significantly reduced 
  • Lower fuel burn creates less CO2 emissions and reduces the impact on the environment
  • Complete with 5 year certified life
  • Reduced repair rates contribute to a lower total cost of ownership
  • A lighter pallet net improves the health and safety of your ramp workers
  • Operational handling time is vastly improved
  • Greater tensile strength – Dyneema® fibre is up to 15 times stronger than steel (weight for weight)

* Based upon PMC/PAG pallet at 118” height

For more information on Dyneema®, visit their website


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