Critical equipment for carrying underslung cargo


Through continuous research and development.

Helicopter Under-slung Load Equipment (HUSLE) – Defence Contact AmSafe Bridport

When operators need to move supplies and equipment into inaccessible areas, regions of conflict or natural disaster, we are able to offer a full lifting capability including helicopter longline load lifting equipment, cargo nets, strops, sling load equipment and spares. Over 30 of the world’s armed forces, aid relief agencies, and aircraft operators trust in the continuous research and development into our HUSLE products to deliver ‘total solutions’ to their underslung load carriage.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Dedicated and focused engineering support team offering through-life support
  • Providing safe working loads for shipments weighing up to 15,000lb
  • Quality process from the yarn strand to finished product
  • Abrasion-resistant finish to increase durability
  • Load-position markers, which aid in load-build and placement of cargo
  • Support team offering advice, customised manuals and publications
  • Maintenance and repair training courses available
  • Accessories include protection pads, stowage bags, environmental covers and a range of lifting extension-strops (pendants).


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