The temperature of perishable products

Controlling the temperature of perishable products during transit, especially pharmaceuticals, is crucial.

Two questions we pose to Dia Romanowicz, Commecrial Cargo Sales manager at AmSafe Bridport.

Q1: What’s the problem?

A1: Three words: Tarmac standing time. This is where shipments of temperature- sensitive goods are left standing in fluctuating ambient conditions on the airside apron during loading and unloading. Approx. 5% of all transport events involve a temperature deviation from plan. IATA say that 57% of temperature excursions occur during these ‘uncontrolled’ air- cargo stages of the distribution process. During these intervals, pharmaceuticals can be exposed to exceptional temperature extremes as a result of the ‘greenhouse’ effects of solar radiation.

Q2: What’s the answer?

We’ve spent many years researching and developing this. We now offer a range of thermal cover solutions from single use covers to a re-usable thermal blanket, and all meet aviation flammability requirements in accordance to FAR/JAR/CS25.853(a).


Dupont Tyvek Thermal Cover

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