Improving pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain – Part 5

A case for improving pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain

The pharmaceutical industry often talks about improving pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain performance and efficiency. You then hear the terms ‘partnering’, ‘collaborative working’ and ‘integrated supply chain’. We want to share with you an informative Consultation Paper. Written by Alan Kennedy, it’s called “Medicine or snake oil? – A case for reform of the pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain”. It presents the case for genuine team-work in this segment of the industry. The discussion paper debates the needs for reform in pharmaceutical logistics practice and explores the need for new relationships between stakeholders.

Week 5: Agreeing to Agree – the Role of Contracts 
While the idea that groups of independent yet closely integrated companies can work closely together ‘on a handshake’ may appeal on a spiritual level to a handful of commercial romanticists, it is fanciful to think that a collaborative system based on mutual dependency can exist without a supporting contractual framework.

The economics of change – why Big Pharma must take the lead
“The value of a product is the consumer’s expectations of product quality in relation to the actual amount paid for it.”

When it comes to the adoption of strategically motivated supply structures, study after study has pointed to the blindingly obvious: for integration to bring real, lasting benefits it must be enacted throughout the supply chain – from the Big Pharma client at one end to the smallest service provider at the other.

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