Improving pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain – Part 2

A case for improving pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain

The pharmaceutical industry often talks about improving the pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain performance and efficiency. You then hear the terms ‘partnering’, ‘collaborative working’ and ‘integrated supply chain’. We want to share with you an informative Consultation Paper. Written by Alan Kennedy, it’s called “Medicine or snake oil? – A case for reform of the pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain”. It presents the case for genuine team-work in this segment of the industry. The discussion paper debates the needs for reform in pharmaceutical logistics practice and explores the need for new relationships between stakeholders.

Week 2: The Customer is Always Right!

It is more than 100 years since the famous retailer Harry Gordon Selfridge coined the phrase “the customer is always right’ and while his immortal words may come across as overly simplistic to modern ears, they succinctly spotlight the fact that the satisfaction of the customer should be an unwavering goal of business.

Why integrate?
Market expectations of service and quality are continuously advancing. The health product consumer of today seeks and expects more service, more safety, more value and more customisation. For this to happen requires enormous and continuous efficiency gains on the part of the manufacturer. However, efficiency gains are, like many things, subject to the law of diminishing returns.

Week 3 Coming Soon – The benefits of an integrated pharma-logistics chain?

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