Improving pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain – Part 1

A case for improving pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain

The pharmaceutical industry often talks about improving the pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain performance and efficiency. You then hear the terms ‘partnering’, ‘collaborative working’ and ‘integrated supply chain’.

Over the next 5 weeks, we want to share with you an informative Consultation Paper. Written by Alan Kennedy, it’s called “Medicine or snake oil? – A case for reform of the pharmaceutical logistics cool-chain”. It presents the case for genuine team-work in this segment of the industry. The discussion paper debates the needs for reform in pharmaceutical logistics practice and explores the need for new relationships between stakeholders.

Week 1: Introduction

Part One of the Paper introduces the challenges facing cold chain logistics. Close collaboration between stakeholders is often the norm for activities such as product licensing, product co-development and outsourced manufacturing. Coldchain logistics always seems a long way from embracing the full potential for supply chain integration.

Part One clarifies and defines a lot of the key terms used in the consultation paper. It answers questions, such as “What is a Supply Chain?” and “What is a Strategic Alliance?”

Week 2 Coming Soon – The Customer is Always Right!

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