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Due to demand DuPont™ are now producing Tyvek® air cargo covers in a range of larger sizes to fit the full height pallets and Unit Load Devices (ULD) used in upper-deck air-freighter carriage.

High performance, triple action Tyvek® air cargo covers provide pharmaceutical companies and their logistics providers with multi-threat thermal protection for temperature-sensitive products during the storage, ground handling and air transit stages of distribution.

The covers provide a reliable and affordable means of maintaining controlled room temperature (CRT pharma products, +15°C to +25°C) in accordance with the EU GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and other international standards. For these purposes Tyvek® covers have been shown to reduce pallet content temperatures by as much as 15 degrees Celsius.

The unique reflective properties of Tyvek® keep shipments naturally cooler than other covers on the market. “Tests have shown conclusively that many commonly-used packaging materials and covers actually raise package temperatures when exposed to solar radiation which is the number one cause of temperature excursions,” says Yves Le Minor, Key Account Manager at DuPont™. “The new sizes mean that Tyvek® covers are now available for the majority of standard air freight pallet sizes bringing reliable and affordable thermal protection to a huge proportion of finished pharmaceutical products which now come within the new EU GDP regulations”.

According to Mr Le Minor the new large cover sizes are extremely easy to use: “Even in large sizes they are very quick to install and remove, with a typical pallet or ULD being capable of being protective-sleeved in as little as one to two minutes.”

Multi-threat protection

Tyvek® covers significantly curtail the risk of high temperatures and provide a high level of passive thermal protection from solar radiation during airport apron handling procedures. “Solar gain effects can easily send the temperature of exposed pallets soaring”, explains Mr Le Minor. “”Pharmaceuticals are often exposed unintentionally to intense sunshine conditions for several hours or a flight is delayed from night time to day time arrival, which can result in damaging temperature excursions”.

Tyvek® covers can also be used to provide secondary thermal protection for merchandise within heat insulated containers and it is possible to use them to cloak the outside of rigid ULD containers to prevent unnecessary heat build up during accidental exposures to direct sunshine.

In addition to controlling high temperatures, Tyvek® cargo covers can help to prevent cold-sensitive pharma merchandise from freezing in sub-zero temperature conditions which might compromise product safety or efficacy. Strong, tear-resistant, low-bulk and very lightweight, they also give protection from precipitation and airborne contamination such as dust, sand, pollens and bird droppings. And, since they are low-bulk, they do not increase the chargeable volume like heavy thick pallet covers do.

How they work

Tyvek® Air Cargo Covers work by addressing the adverse heat flow mechanisms that are found in the unpredictable air temperature scenarios typically found in air cargo logistics. Made from low conductivity Tyvek® fabric, the covers operate through a combination of three complementary operating mechanisms: the white micro-fibre exterior surface of the covers provides a highly reflective barrier to external solar gain, the metallised inner surface presents a ‘low-e’ radiant barrier to help maintain core package temperatures and the material’s inherent vapour permeability controls harmful condensation. The result is a unique, state-of-the-art protective envelope.

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