Another World 1st for AmSafe Bridport with successful “Li-on Battery” Fire Containment test

AmSafe Bridport continue to prove their status as leaders in reducing risk and improving safety for airlines. They completed the World’s first successful fire containment test with Li-ion batteries in a 1 cubic meter space. The 6 hour test which bundled together 4,800 50-70% State of Charge batteries into their Mantle™ Fire Containment “UK/US & EU Pallet skid design” and placed into the
thermal runway, recorded internal temperatures exceeding 1500C. Mantle™ is the only product in the world to contain a fire of this intensity and within such a small space. This is their 8th recorded “Li-on Battery” test across their Mantle range of Fire Containment Covers.

By reducing risk and improving safety, Mantle continues to provide opportunity for airlines to carry Li-Ion batteries in a range of cargo holds and spaces, effectively creating a greater scope of possibilities to expand existing contracts as well as opening doors with new business, especially with Lithium-ion based products.

AmSafe Bridport is the first company to achieve TSO certification C203 for Type 1 FCCs and now look to re-enforce their position with Mantle as the number one FCC manufacturer and provider. Companies like AmSafe Bridport are not just looking to manufacture covers to contain fires – their products are designed to protect products, precious cargo and ultimately to save lives.

Tharindu Senanayaka, Business Unit Manager, Commercial Cargo, AmSafe Bridport.
[email protected]
Cellphone +94 (0) 777 568119

Another great result. After the intense 6 hour test the bag almost looks untouched by the fire within.

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