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AmSafe Bridport’s 2000lb C172 tie-down strap receives approval ahead of the mandatory January 2016 implementation date.

AmSafe Bridport announces the certification by European and US regulatory safety authorities of its ETSO C172 approved 2000lb tie-down strap.

Designed, tested and now regulatory-certified, it is the first 2000lb strap on the market with a Technical Standard Order (TSO) as awarded by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in addition to that of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). IATA ULD Regulations recommend the implementation of TSO C172 straps from January 1st 2016.

This is the first 2000lb fully certified strap designed primarily to meet the stringent TSO requirement for cyclic loading testing, in addition to having an in-service lifetime of 3 years. Joe Ashton, Senior Sales Manager at AmSafe Bridport: “Certifying authorities have long recognised the need for a globally recognised minimum design, performance and quality standard for air cargo straps. As a result Cargo Operators can now have complete confidence that all their safety critical cargo restraint equipment, as supplied by AmSafe Bridport, is certified and approved. Air and ramp cargo safety, and product lifecycle reliability remain our primary concerns. With so many sub-standard straps on the market the TSO is in recognition of the need for a globally recognised minimum design, performance and quality standard for air cargo straps.

With the implementation deadline fast approaching, over 70% of our customers have already adopted our range of TSO C172 tie-down straps, ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements.

”Urs Wiesendanger from Air Canada: “As a leading commercial aviation operator, the earliest compliance with industry safety regulations is paramount. Now that we are using the AmSafe Bridport TSO C172 Tie Down Straps means we’re ahead of vital industry regulations and have the peace of mind of knowing we’re working with the global industry leader in safety restraint products.”


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