AmSafe Bridport Thermal Blanket Selected to Offset Rising Fuel Costs

Blankets will be used to transport temperature sensitive goods thereby decreasing the dependence on refrigerated trucks.

AmSafe Bridport, the leading provider of engineered restraint systems to the aviation & defence markets, today announced that Thailand’s largest hypermarket, Big C, has chosen AmSafe Bridport’s Thermal Blankets to improve the transportation of temperature-sensitive products. The use of Thermal Blankets will ultimately decrease the dependence on refrigerated trucks thereby lowering fuel consumption and resultant CO2 emissions.

AmSafe Bridport’s Thermal Blankets are designed to protect sensitive cargo by stabilising the environment of the shipment and shielding it from extreme weather and temperature fluctuations. Leveraging technology gained from its use in the airfreight industry, AmSafe Bridport and Big C redesigned the Thermal Blanket so it can maintain a consistent temperature in chilled fresh-food containers for up to eight hours during transport without the need for refrigerated trucks.

We felt there was a better way to transport our fresh products and so we looked at the airfreight industry (the pharmaceutical markets in particular) and the methods they used to transport goods around the world and maintain temperature integrity, said Greg O’Shea, vice president supply chain management of Big C Supercenters. By using the AmSafe Bridport Thermal Blanket, we are able to transport our temperature-sensitive products together with our non-refrigerated products. This combination has resulted in greater truck utilisation and a reduction in the number of trips to the store which will eventually lead to a decrease in CO2 emissions, concluded O’Shea.

“Through our relationship with Big C we recognised the growing requirement of the transportation industry to preserve the integrity of the cold chain”, said Ian Kentfield, senior vice president of AmSafe Bridport Ltd. Kentfield continued,

“We were able to capitalise on the technology developed for airfreight of pharmaceuticals and apply it throughout the distribution channel. We are very pleased to see that by using the AmSafe Bridport thermal blankets, transport specialists can now improve the integrity of their cold chain logistics. Our thermal blankets enable the transport of goods from air to rail to truck without compromising the cold chain.”

About AmSafe Bridport Ltd:

AmSafe Bridport Ltd is headquartered in Bridport, Dorset, UK and has subsidiaries in the United States of America and Sri Lanka. At its Bridport UK facility AmSafe Bridport designs and manufactures cargo handling and airframe products for both commercial aviation and defence; provides MRO services for airframe products; and designs and manufactures RPG protection systems for use by the military.

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