AmSafe Bridport @ Inter Airport Europe 2013

AmSafe Bridport’s Cargo Product Group exhibit at Inter Airport Europe 8th-11th Oct.

Mr Joe Ashton from AmSafe Bridport is available in the Show lead-up, at the event and afterwards to comment on hot industry topics ranging from international air cargo safety, global regulatory changes, to cargo trends and key future developments.

AmSafe Bridport leads the market engineering high-end cargo restraint solutions that include Lightweight Pallet Nets, TSO C172 Tie-Down Straps, Fire Containment Covers and Thermal Air Cargo Covers.

This international safety restraint specialist works with global airlines, operators, and GHAs, ensuring integrity and confidence in cargo safety products.

From each of their global locations – United States, United Kingdom, China, Sri Lanka – the firm has the design, engineering, manufacturing and 24/7 customer support capabilities, enabling international air cargo customers to meet the most stringent regulatory safety requirements.

Participation with Aerospace Industry Groups & Committees ensures AmSafe Bridport products meet all required and upcoming regulatory requirements.

AmSafe Bridport Cargo Product Group products cover the following areas:

AmSafe Bridport is the world leader in safety restraint products for the aerospace, defence and specialty vehicle industries. Globally renowned, the firm also manufactures unique high performance products such as the RPG Net Protection System, Barrier Nets and Helicopter Under Slung Equipment.

Protecting cargo and passengers is the no.1 priority and AmSafe Bridport products move millions of people and countless tons of cargo safely and securely in the air and on the ground.

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