AmSafe Bridport gains KLM Cargo Supplier Award and a 5 year contract to supply Lightweight Nets

AmSafe Bridport has been awarded KLM Cargo’s prestigious Supplier Award in appreciation of an outstanding contribution to the success of their operational activities following the signing of a five year contract to replace all existing KLM / Martinair cargo pallet nets with a lighter more environmentally friendly product.

AmSafe Bridport’s revolutionary lightweight pallet nets, at just 9Kg, are 50% lighter than the existing polyester pallet nets currently being used by KLM Cargo. Thus enabling Air France-KLM to considerably reduce fuel costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Partnering with DSM, the global fibre experts, AmSafe Bridport uses the strongest tensile fibre in existence, Dyneema®, to produce an ultra-high molecular polyethylene to form this revolutionary lightweight pallet net. AmSafe Bridport then developed unique coatings to enable the certification for 5 years as against the normal 3 year life of a net, to cover fire and smoke regulations as well as UV degradation requirements.

The new lightweight pallet nets are more damage-resistant than polyester versions and require half as much maintenance. In addition, operatives are able to handle them easier and safer, due to the reduced weight.

As a result of the close working partnership, over many years, between AmSafe Bridport, DSM and KLM Cargo, and following the award of the five year contract, the three organisations have signed an official charter committing them to long-term sustainable cargo transport.

Ian Kentfield, President of AmSafe Bridport, said, “Lighter, stronger nets mean less fuel is burnt. They also improve the working conditions for operational staff, with less risk for injuries, while less maintenance and longer product life cycle are enforced with Dyneema’s® tensile strength and AmSafe’s safety restraint expertise”.

‘The extensive seven year research phase we’ve invested has produced a certified lightweight net capable of meeting the demands of all modern day Air Cargo operators. Using it lowers fuel costs, the carbon footprint and risk to the handler.’

About AmSafe Bridport

AmSafe Bridport is the world leader in safety restraint products for the aerospace, defence and specialty vehicle industries. Globally renowned, the firm’s safety products are used around the world in both commercial and general aviation, in military and civilian applications. Protecting passengers and cargo is the no.1 priority for AmSafe and their products move millions of people and countless tons of cargo safely and securely in the air and on the ground.

AmSafe Bridport and DSM Dyneema

AmSafe Bridport has a long joint development partnership with DSM Dyneema, and a number of license and IP agreements.

This partnership between the engineering groups from the leading fibre experts and the leading application experts has resulted in high performance safety applications in both aerospace and defence markets.

These include vehicle arrestors, Airbus A400M main deck barrier, Tarian® RPG vehicle armour, and the fire resistant lightweight nets used on Fire Containment Covers.

AmSafe Bridport Engineering fully developed the current lightweight pallet nets now adopted by Air France-KLM – these are designed to meet AmSafe Bridport’s high minimum standards for engineering, quality, design and performance.

AmSafe Bridport engineered the detailed design aspects of the net enabling the high performance characteristics of the fibre to be realised for the application. Substantial investment was made in R&D, laboratory and full scale testing, and manufacturing technology to optimise the weave for maximum fibre efficiency/research the environmental in-service degradation. AmSafe Bridport also developed the UV protective coating used on the nets enabling the 5 year life.

The lightweight nets selected and now delivered to AF-KLM are AmSafe Bridport design and IP. They are fully designed, tested, substantiated and TSO C90 certified by AmSafe Bridport.

The nets were also tested at an independent facility (STFI Chemnitz in Germany) on two occasions by KLM & Air France in the selection process, meeting all requirements and beating all other lightweight nets offered by competing suppliers.

AmSafe Bridport gains KLM Cargo Supplier Award and a 5 year contract to supply Lightweight Nets

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