AmSafe Bridport expands partnership with Proponent to serve the APAC market

September 21, 2022

AmSafe Bridport, world leaders in aerospace design, development, manufacturiong and repair services in cargo restraint, fire protection and aircraft safety solutions are pleased to announce the expansion of our partnership with Proponent. Proponent are the largest independent aerospace distributor in the world and now the exclusive distributor for AmSafe Bridport in the Asia Pacific region.

Along with Asia, Proponent is already the exclusive distributor for AmSafe Bridport in EMEA and the Americas.

As with our agreement in EMEA and Americas, the APAC partnership will involve the distribution of an extensive catalog of aftermarket products, including but not limited to; bulk-hold baggage nets, smoke barriers and barrier nets meeting the demands of all the major aircraft OEMs, including platforms from Airbus, Boeing.

AmSafe Bridport has over 40 years of experience in the aftermarkets spares industry and our customer centered approach has been fundamental to our success. AmSafe Bridport customers can continue to expect an equally attentive service and working relationship as Proponent is committed to providing fast, easy and reliable service to all our customers.

Joe Ashton, President at AmSafe Bridport, said: “We are pleased to build upon our well-established partnership with Proponent. Our joint goals remain the same; to increase service levels and customer satisfaction, which were the key motivators behind our initial connection with Proponent. AmSafe Bridport has ongoing ambitious product developments which we are looking forward to expanding access to, in the global market.”

Jeff Nixon, Chief Commercial Officer for Proponent shared, “We have a deep respect for AmSafe Bridport and their role in the commercial aerospace market. We have seen the potential of our partnership and therefore were keen to expand our collaboration to further create innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs while growing our business within the APAC market.”



About AmSafe Bridport:

AmSafe Bridport is an industry leader making highly engineered textile cargo restraint and protection systems for aerospace & defense. We believe in a strategic collaborative approach with our customers, partners and alliance. We pride ourselves in our high standard of design, development, innovations, manufacture and aftermarket support including spares and MRO services.


About Proponent
Proponent is a leading independent global aerospace parts distribution business headquartered in Brea, California. As well as providing traditional distribution services to airlines, MROs and OEMs, the company also provides a range of inventory management solutions designed to reduce operating costs and improve supply chain performance. The company’s focus is on providing outstanding quality and value by better understanding its customers and delivering time-based service advantages.


AmSafe Bridport MRO services

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