AmSafe Bridport Awarded 7 Year Contract to Supply its Tarian® RPG Armour System to the Danish Armed Forces

Bridport, UK, January 2015: AmSafe Bridport Limited is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) following a 12 month competition.  The programme is for the design and supply of AmSafe Bridport’s lightweight Tarian® Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) Armour system for a wide range of wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles. The 7 year programme for DALO will introduce a single RPG armour system across a fleet of vehicles which provides capability improvements through improved protection against RPG threats and enhanced reliability in all environments. A high level of common components and system durability will provide significant cost benefits in support and training. AmSafe Bridport is delighted to be working in partnership with it’s in country representative, Damasec, to deliver this opportunity.

Pictured at the official Contract signing ceremony in Ballerup on the 4th December 2014 are (from left to right) Morten Jensen, Engineer (DALO), Armoured Vehicles, Protection Technologies; Major Niels Anderson, Chief of Armoured Vehicle Branch (DALO); Mads Mikkelsen, Strategic Buyer (DALO), Armoured Vehicles; Michael Hornø, Director of Business Development & International Sales (Damasec); Neal McKeever, Sales & Marketing Director (AmSafe Bridport); Matthew Chuter, Tarian® Product Line Manager (AmSafe Bridport).

Tarian® is a highly effective solution for protection against RPGs and is also the world’s lightest such system. Developed in close collaboration with the UK Ministry of Defense (UK MOD), the Tarian® system has been extensively tested – including over 800 live shots – in the USA, UK and Europe. This testing verified Tarian’s high level of performance and multi-hit capability. Tarian® was first deployed operationally in 2009 in Afghanistan and it is now fitted to a variety of British military vehicles following an order from the UK MOD in 2012.

The core element of the Tarian® RPG defeat mechanism is an extremely strong textile net manufactured from high-tenacity fibres. Tarian® nets are attached to vehicles using a robust flexible mounting system to withstand harsh vehicle operating conditions with low susceptibility to damage. Compared with traditional slat or bar armour RPG protection, Tarian® provides significantly improved protection performance and, being much lighter, enables vehicles to operate more efficiently regaining lost automotive advantages such as performance, ability to carry more load and better fuel economy. The Tarian® system is unobtrusive and easy to operate thereby greatly enhancing crew access to the vehicle when protected from RPG threats.  Crew survivability is also greatly improved as Tarian® cannot create a mechanical lock that prevents emergency exit in the event of an accident or blast event.

“Combat Vehicles have an increased need for high performance, lightweight, cost effective RPG armour that can restore a vehicle’s performance and improve crew safety. Therefore, AmSafe Bridport is delighted to be selected to supply the Tarian® system to the Danish Armed Forces.” – said Neal McKeever, Sales & Marketing Director for AmSafe Bridport.

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AmSafe Bridport Awarded 7 Year Contract to Supply its Tarian® RPG Armour System to the Danish Armed Forces

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