AmSafe Bridport Awarded £2.6m Contract for its RPG Protection System – Tarian QuickShield

AmSafe Bridport® Ltd. today announced the award of a contract worth £2.6m from the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) for AmSafe Bridport’s innovative Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) protection system, Tarian® QuickShield.

Developed and manufactured at AmSafe Bridport, Tarian® QuickShield is a lightweight textile net that is used to replace damaged or missing bar armour. The QuickShield kit can be easily stowed in the vehicle; when needed, it can be immediately fitted in replacement of damaged bar armour. Tarian® QuickShield provides continuing protection to the vehicle and its crew without mission disruption.

“The introduction of Tarian® QuickShield into operations in Afghanistan allows vehicle crew to rapidly repair damaged bar armour in the field, without the need for specialist tools, and will therefore help to ensure better vehicle protection during extended missions away from bases,” said Major Gareth East, REME, UK MOD Specialist & Logistic Vehicles Project Team.

“Our work with the MOD and the performance of Tarian® QuickShield demonstrates our ability to develop innovative products in collaboration with military end-users which address the special requirements of combat situations,” said Terence Lyons, CEO of AmSafe Bridport. Neal McKeever, Vice President of Defence for AmSafe Bridport added, “We are extremely proud to have been awarded this contract and we are confident that other military organisations will recognise the unique benefits that QuickShield affords in terms of reduced risk to troops and improved vehicle availability.”

Stuart Bridewell of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s Physical Protection Group said: “DSTL has been involved from the early testing of the concept and deployment of Tarian®. Our excellent working relationship with AmSafe Bridport is an outstanding example of government and industrial collaboration benefitting our Armed Forces.”

Several thousand Tarian® QuickShield kits are heading to the frontline. Tarian® QuickShield has been developed from Tarian® as a simple and effective repair panel for damaged bar armour.

Notes to Editors:

About AmSafe Bridport Ltd:

AmSafe Bridport Ltd is located in Bridport, Dorset, UK. At this facility AmSafe  Bridport designs and manufactures cargo handling and airframe products for both commercial aviation and defence; provides MRO services for airframe products; and designs and manufactures RPG protection systems for use by the military.

AmSafe Bridport £2.6M Tarian QuickShield Contract - Image of Peter Luff MinDES with Tarian QuickShield

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