AmSafe Bridport and ST Kinetics Collaborate to Offer Tarian®

AmSafe Bridport® Industries, Inc, the leading provider of engineered restraint systems to the aviation, defence and specialty vehicle markets, today announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (ST Kinetics) for the marketing of its innovative rocket propelled grenade (RPG) protection system, Tarian<sup>®</sup>. The MOU outlines plans for both companies to collaborate with the aim of ST Kinetics to offer AmSafe Bridport’s RPG protection as an option on its vehicles and market Tarian<sup>®</sup> in territories where they already have a strong presence.

ST Kinetics is the land systems and specialty vehicle arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd. An AmSafe Bridport Tarian<sup>®</sup> RPG protection system fitted on to a ST Kinetics Warthog all-terrain vehicle, a variant of the highly successful Bronco, is on display at the DSEi conference being held September 13th – 15th in London. The Warthog is currently in service with the UK MOD.

“Our world class Tarian<sup>®</sup> system provides the lightest and most effective RPG protection solution for the Warthog vehicles and we are delighted to be working together to provide enhanced vehicle functionality to military customers worldwide,” said Neal McKeever, vice president defence for AmSafe Bridport.

“We are pleased to collaborate with AmSafe Bridport to offer Tarian<sup>®</sup> protection systems to our global customers as an enhanced protection at lower weight for improved survivability,” said Mr. Patrick Choy, Executive Vice President, ST Kinetics.

Tarian<sup>®</sup> was developed as a lightweight modular system designed to replace the traditional bar or slat armour at a weight savings of up to 98%. The Tarian technology has been rigorously tested—in the U.K. by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, an agency of the Ministry of Defence, and in the U.S. by its Department of Defence counterpart DARPA—to include over 650 live firing shots. This testing has verified both a high level of performance and a multi-hit capability inherent in the Tarian<sup>®</sup> technology.

About AmSafe Bridport Ltd:

AmSafe Bridport Ltd is located in Bridport, Dorset, UK. At this facility AmSafe  Bridport designs and manufactures cargo handling and airframe products for both commercial aviation and defence; provides MRO services for airframe products; and designs and manufactures RPG protection systems for use by the military.

AmSafe's Bridport and ST Kinetics Collaborate to Offer Tarian - Image of Tarian fitted to ST Kinetics Vehicle

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