Pilot and flight deck safety

Secondary Cockpit Barrier

The first line of defense against unauthorised access to the flight deck

RTCA DO-329 | Secondary Cockpit Barrier

Following the changing legislative environment and introduction of the Saracini Act, AmSafe Bridport has designed a lightweight, textile barrier providing defence against any unauthorised access to the flight deck during aircraft operations. The product uses a unique mechanical locking mechanism which is quick and easy to use, providing security to the flight deck and improving the working conditions of the cabin crew. The slimline profile of the Secondary Cockpit Barrier means the product does not invade valuable space on the aircraft and the Dyneema® textile barrier is strong, durable and provides a high level of cut resistance. With over 90% of the product having clear visibility, the product provides excellent crew situational awareness when deployed as well as providing protection in the event of a rapid decompression event.

With cabin and cockpit security becoming more paramount, AmSafe Bridport’s Secondary Cockpit Barrier sets the new standard for flight deck safety.

  • Lightweight barrier preventing unauthorised entry to the flight deck.
  • Unique mechanical locking system which does not require extensive additional training to use.
  • Facilitates crew situational awareness with clear visibility through the barrier.
  • Easy to use slimline profile – doesn’t compromise workspace for crew or passengers.
  • >90% open area which aids in the event of rapid cabin decompression.

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