Advanced restraint systems and straps


Built to withstand the demands of commercial transport aircraft.

Bulk-hold Baggage Nets Contact AmSafe Bridport

Our Aircraft Bulk Hold Cargo Baggage Nets prevent baggage and other bulk payloads from moving during flight; they are specified as original equipment on numerous commercial and regional aircraft.

The Aircraft Bulk Hold Cargo Baggage Nets are easy to remove for loading and unloading of cargo and baggage. Designed to your demanding cargo and baggage requirements to withstand the rigours of cargo operations, our nets are manufactured using superior-quality webbing and interface components, and all materials comply with FAR/JAR 25.603.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Approved by all major aircraft manufacturers
  • Easy to remove for loading and unloading cargo and baggage
  • Designed to withstand the demands of cargo operations
  • Divider nets to partition cargo holds, while supporting the aircraft weight and balance requirements
  • Door nets help maintain a clear area adjacent to the cargo hold door allowing easy cycling of cargo doors and reducing incidents where cargo entry is restricted.

Aftermarket Spares Support

To complement the design service, manufacture and in-service support, our strategic partner, Satair, will support your aftermarket spares requirements. Satair is the exclusive global distributor for our manufactured bulk cargo nets, liner panels and covers primarily for Airbus and Boeing fleet operators.

To view our full range of aftermarket spares please visit


Satair also provides a global AOG Service, keeping your aircraft flying.

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Europe, Middle East & Africa: +45 4040 1224

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Asia Pacific: +65 6543 0977

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America: +1 404 310 1966

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