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Escape Slide and Emergency Oxygen PMA Cylinders Contact AmSafe Bridport

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Our aircraft escape slide and emergency oxygen PMA cylinders offer significant price savings compared to the OEMs. This, coupled with the AmSafe Bridport ‘in-stock’ promise, offers the ultimate combination of lower price and immediate availability.

While OEM lead times can exceed 12 weeks, we will meet your global requirements in a shorter time frame that is better than the OEM. Using our established distribution network, we can provide an approved replacement, meeting a sensitive delivery requirement at a very competitive price.

Key Features & Benefits
  • PMA Cylinders meet or exceed the FAA’s requirement of ‘As Good or Better’ performance
  • Aviation oxygen cylinders manufactured by the same manufacturers as the OEM, in the same production facility as the OEM and even on the same production line as the OEM. The only real differences – our label, our lower price and our guaranteed delivery
  • A PMA cylinder for virtually every slide flying today
  • Oxygen PMA cylinders, providing emergency oxygen to passengers and crew. As with our escape slide cylinders, our PMA oxygen cylinders are manufactured in the same facility and replace AVOX, Scott and BE Aerospace steel and composite cylinders.

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