Innovative solution for preventing cabin draughts


Providing passengers and flight attendants with a comfortable cabin temperature during flight.

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Aircraft Draught Defenders have been designed to insulate the cabin and enhance comfort levels for the airline’s guests and flight crew. The only product of its kind on the market, the Aircraft Draught Defender is a light-weight, cost-effective solution that reduces draughts around the cabin doors.

The Draught Defender is made of advanced, extremely lightweight foam and has proven to help stabilise and maintain a comfortable temperature in the galley and throughout the cabin while in flight.

Key Benefits & Features
  • Designed so that it does not affect door operation during emergencies
  • Designed to be installed, removed and stowed by cabin attendants – no special tools or training needed
  • Designed for use during cruise phases of flight
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design. Minimal stowage space required
  • Constructed of a cleanable fabric and foam.

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