9g Barrier & Bulk-hold Nets

40 years of cargo containment


Providing lightweight solutions for separating crew and cargo.

9g Barrier Nets Contact AmSafe Bridport

We provide main deck barrier nets and semi-rigid barriers to major aircraft manufacturers; these 9g barrier nets are used to transport freighter aircraft. From initial concept, engineering design to the certification of the finished product our 9g barrier nets offers the unique safety design allowing the barrier net to withstand an extreme deceleration while distributing the load evenly. This ensures cargo will not penetrate beyond the net.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The world’s leading provider of airframe aviation restraints with unparalleled knowledge of cargo containment
  • Provides optimal protection between crew and cargo
  • Quick release attachment for easy access or inspection
  • Allows the load to be evenly distributed across the net
  • Smoke or fire curtain can be mounted adjacent to the net without the function being impeded.

Case Studies

A400M Restraint Equipment

We are the primary manufacturer and supplier of the world’s largest 9G Barrier Net and Smoke Curtain for the Airbus Military A400M Transport Aircraft.

Our innovative Airbus military freighter solution provides for safer transportation of troops and cargo. The A400M system restrains the payload and prevents personnel injury and equipment damage by preventing cargo penetrating into the cockpit crew area in uncontrollable flight, crash and emergency landing conditions. A thermal insulation curtain reduces aircraft turbulence and cold air penetration when the rear cargo door is open. Lashing equipment restrains palletised loads, such as vehicles, and prevents movement during flight.

Boeing Tanker Main Deck Net and Smoke Barriers

AmSafe Bridport were selected in 2011 to design, manufacture and support the provision of a 9g Barrier Net along with a two Smoke Barriers for the Boeing KC-46A (Tanker) for initial use by the USAF. The selection was based on our acknowledged expertise in these products and built on our experience with other transport and freighter airframes.

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