AmSafe Bridport wins secondary cockpit barrier solution for Airbus

AmSafe Bridport, has been selected by Airbus to supply secondary cockpit barriers for all newly manufactured Airbus A220 aircraft destined to operators based in the United States of America (U.S). There has been continued interest in heightened security solutions for cockpit access, from mid 2025 all newly manufactured commercial aircraft operating under the U.S FAA Part 121 regulation will be mandated to install a secondary cockpit barrier within the aircraft cabin.

The AmSafe Bridport secondary cockpit barrier is an additional safety feature to provide an additional delay should an unauthorised person attempt to enter the cockpit. The highly engineered textile barrier design can be used flexibly to work around existing monuments and can be retrofitted to different aircraft layouts. It is a lightweight solution and can be seamlessly stored into the cabin environment when not in use. The solution from AmSafe Bridport is a textile based secondary barrier which is customisable for any model of aircraft.

Joe Ashton, President of AmSafe Bridport commented “We are delighted to have been selected by Airbus for their installed physical secondary barrier solution for their new to market A220 fleet. The selection of our secondary barrier is a result of collaboration between our engineering department and Airbus. We have fulfilled their requirements for a strong yet flexible solution. There is so much potential for this solution and should the regulation become mandatory for all aircraft and other aviation authorities, AmSafe Bridport have the proven expertise to deliver solutions to meet that need.”

AmSafe Bridport is a world leader in aerospace and defence safety restraint products, providing engineered textile restraint and protection solutions to ensure a safer aircraft environment. As first tier suppliers to major aircraft manufacturers with over 40 years of experience, we offer a complete engineered solution from concept and design through to manufacture and testing. Operating from headquarters in the UK, and with further facilities across the US and Asia, a truly global service and 24/7 AOG and aftermarket spares support.

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