9G Main Deck Barrier Nets

Increased interest in 9G Main Deck Barrier Nets as the industry responds to the ongoing pandemic – AmSafe Bridport provides a comprehensive service, from net supply to aftermarket support.

With the growing requirement for freighter aircraft as the global pandemic continues, we have seen increased interest in textile-based, 9G Main Deck Barrier (MDB) Nets, for both passenger to freighter conversions and new build aircraft alike. MDB Nets need a bit of room for distension in the event of rapid deceleration, so under these circumstances, a small volume of cargo may be lost. Despite this, the benefits provided by MDB Nets are substantial:

• Lower cost
• Lower weight
• Lightweight Net options available (Dyneema used extensively)
• Fuel savings
• Greater flexibility and more versatile operational use • Quick install & removal times
• Quick change format with PAX by day and freight by night
• Ability to share the 9g loads into the aircraft structure evenly or focused to higher strength locations

AmSafe Bridport has been at the fore of textile 9G MDB Net technology for decades, using their Finite Element Analysis to save time, cost, weight, etc. We have several innovative designs to suit the needs of both OEMs and operators. We expect to see the upturn in demand continue over the coming months, particularly given the advantages that the AmSafe Bridport textile 9G MDB Nets offer.

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