Air Cargo Fire Containment Cover TSO-C203 and Pallet Net C90D

Stopping fire in its tracks


Fire containment cover awarded a TSO by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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With the dramatic increase in the quantity of unrestricted transport of hi-energy electronic equipment, the risk of in-flight cargo fires remains high. The FAA has responded with the release of TSO-C203 outlining the minimum standard for the fire containment covers mitigating this fire risk from undeclared dangerous goods.

We are proud to offer the world’s first TSO-C203 approved Fire Containment Cover (FCC) and a Fire Containment Bag (FCB), answering the demands of both the industry and its regulators, and ensuring operators the safest certified FCC.

This follows 10 years of development, testing and operational use of the system, which includes a pallet net and patented deployment kit. Our FCC System actually exceeds the requirements of the TSO standards, and meets the additional requirements of ISO and AS standards.

Undeclared dangerous goods pose the biggest single risk of fire in the transport of air cargo, and in the event of an on-board fire it takes an average of 17 minutes from initial notification to a crash. The approved FCC contains a fire for six hours, vastly improving the crews options in the event of a fire.

Our FCB is designed for use on pallets or within containers, providing operators with additional flexibility with the use of individual FCBs. Additionally, it has passed testing to withstand a Lithium Ion battery fire (download the data sheet).

Our patented FCC System features

  • Fire Containment Cover System available including:
    • TSO-C203 Fire Cover
    • ETSO-C90D Pallet Net, lightweight Dyneema® and fire resistant options
    • Patented deployment and storage kit
  • FCC System available for use within your current operations, no additional tooling or equipment required
  • Contains a fire up to 815c for six hours
  • Does not rely on detection or suppression systems
  • 3 Tier repair schemes along with a network of global approved repair stations
  • 2 way fire barrier preventing pallet to pallet fire escalation.

Also in the range...

Use on ULD palletUse on ULD palletUse on ULD ContainerLoad to be protectedE/TSO certified
Fire Containment Cover SystemYesNoFull loadYes
Fire Containment BagYesYesFull loadNo


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